Care of your jewellery

At Andrew Ralph's we recommend professional cleaning at least once a year.  Not only does this keep your jewellery looking beautiful but also ensures that you keep up to date with any maintenance required. In our experience, loss of diamonds and other precious stones in rings due to wear and tear usually could have been prevented had the ring had regular inspections. We have trained staff in our store with over 25 years experience in caring for your fine jewellery. Your valuable pieces will be cleaned to ensure the brilliance of your jewellery continues to last a lifetime.


Jewellery Repairs

Andrew Ralph’s is the foremost destination for all precious metal and gemstone jewellery repairs. Our workshop can take care of your simple chain solder or ring resizing through to a complete, jewellery restoration or remodel.   Our workshop is fully insured and all of our workmanship is first class and comes with a full Guarantee.


Remake & Remodeling

Is your wedding ring looking dated and the diamond not as secure as it should be; or the style not what you always wanted? Do you have jewellery tucked away which is out of date, damaged, worn out or just not your style? Have you inherited a piece of jewellery and it doesn’t suit or fit you properly? Remodelling is the answer. You may be over the style but the gemstones are still valuable and useable. Remodelling is a great way to make use of all the old jewellery you have lying around. Why not clear out your jewellery box and see what can be done? Contact us today to renovate and transform those out of date designs into something more modern. Book an appointment for a free consultation today. Can't make it during work hours? No problem! Andrew is happy to make an out of hours appointment at his office, or he can visit you at your home or office to at a time to suit you.


Custom Jewellery Design

Andrew Ralph’s understand that jewellery is a form of self expression. Contact us to discuss having your own creation started today. We consider all the important elements when designing any piece of jewellery – the taste of the wearer, your current collection of jewellery, gemstone sizes, choice of metal considering colour and durability, budget and latest fashion trends.


Wedding Specialists

Andrew Ralph has over 30 years in Jewellery Design expertise and can design and our workshop can hand-make any design to ensure a perfect fit and complete satisfaction for every occasion, be it wedding, engagement, eternity or that perfect right hand ring.



At Andrew Ralph’s Diamond Jewellers all valuations are carried out by Andrew Ralph who is a Registered Valuer (No. 55) and a Qualified Gemmologist. Andrew is Rockingham's only registered valuer.

Each Valuation comes complete with a photograph and has three copies; one for yourself, your insurer and one kept on our record for your peace of mind. Generally, it is recommended that for insurance purposes any item over $1,000 is valued, however please check your policy as each is different.

Andrew would greatly appreciate any documentation you have accompanying the piece to be valued. This can include any old receipts and previous valuations, but most importantly any Diamond Grading Certificates issued when purchased. Charges are: First Item $119.00 Those Thereafter $109.00.